Review 17: Turisas, Turisas 2013

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TURISAS 2013: (August 21, 2013 on Century Media) almost eponymous album by Folk Turisas

So here we are in a folk / battle metal far from the stereotypes of the genre; Turisas 2013 is a fairly experimental album using unique sounds, like orientals instruments ine te song called Run Bhang-Eater Run!

They keep their good metal still beats in the song Ten More Miles for example, which we will raise his fist each battle cries: " Turisas! You can count on us !". They repeat the alternation soft verse / chorus epic that is also found in other song like Stand up and Fight

We quickly understand the term "Battle Metal" with the song We Ride Together makes us run a speed on the frenzied riff.

No Good Story Ever Start With Drinking Tea, quite involved, the solo is pretty damn good, but the question to ask is: the sentence mentioned in the title is accurate?

STORY: Turisas is the only metal band to succeed in making a FUCKING cover of a disco song (and everyone sees what I mean!)