Review 16: Equilibrium, Sagas

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Today SAGAS release in June 27th, 2008, is the second studio album of Epic / Black Metal German band:  Equilibrium.

This time, our friends Equilbrium reveals their talent from another angle as the previous album. Indeed, this time, the sounds used are much more symphonic and used to "paint" the scene of the album.

From the first song, 'Auf Erden Prolog' Equilibrium puts us right back in the bath, with more sounds of marching bands and good harmonic layers that line this epic world as we imagine listening to it, as if a great battle declared. This instrumental song (although we hear the singer partially yelling at some moment) plunges us into a fascinating world.

The song we have remenbered especially for this album is "Blut Im Auge ', just the melody that comes into his head from the first listen, and shouts of rage when the song imagines part. On riding in a large field, and charging against the enemy without a fight thank you. With a great big melodic break as we like!

For the last song, I chose 'Die Weide Und Der Fluss', because although it is more interesting from a technical point of view, it was even more of a structural point of view. Arriving with bells and samples on a fairly smooth harmonic tablecloth, following an accordion playing another melody, and suddenly, guitar, bass and drums coming to pound the tempo and power on strong hits this appearance makes it even more epic song. This aspect create especially with the chorus arriving a few seconds later that marks this warrior and friendly appearance. This song is slow but very melodic and very elaborate.

To conclude, we can say qu'Equilibrium us laid a beautiful pearl that we have here, mixing the voices of black metal in an epic universe lined melodies breathtaking and a power unmatched. For me, this album is a great success!

See you for the next album.