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TALES FROM THE KINGDOM OF FIFE (29th March 2013 on Napalm Records) first album of Gloryhammer, project mounted by Christopher Bowes (Alestorm). It is a power metal band telling us the stories of the Kingdom of Fife and we will see unfold several frescoes equally epic as each other.

For this first installment of a saga (the expression of dozens of albums), Tales from the kingdom of Fife describes in a grandiose way the story of Angus Mcfife, which will save the city of Dundee against the Sorcerer Zargothrax and his army of evil unicorn (a good musical nanard what !)

At musical side, Gloryhammer offers a classic formula in the power metal but it still effective ! Sometimes we are transported to in the attack of the Dundee city, sometimes with the captive princess etc ...

Anecdote: Members of the groups are dress (allow me the expression) as the characters in their story, the singer representing Angus Mcfife. They even claim to be a totally serious band.