Review 2: Dragonforce, The Game

Until the release of their new album in 12 days and their tour in the end of this year, here the clip chronicle of The Game:

The Game is already for me the confirmation that their next album Maximum Overload will be a slaughter, some music even exceed 235 bpm (beats per minute). This song is my favorite of all DragonForce.
It talks about the game of life.
She tells the perseverance of one man "reach for the stars," even though he never had a chance he perseveres. He asks for "a brighter tomorrow" and " Break free from this lifetime of sorrow."

The clip begins with an office where we see a man bored and hours are srolling. We see him when he returned at home in the evening where there is a conjugal dispute. After we see him strolling down the street and into a sort of warehouse and watch fluctuations, probably a trick of accountant but he is haunted by his family, he looks through surveillance cameras from the school of his son. She eventually join and surprise him at the end of the clip. In the clip we also see the group, on top form, played during half of the song.

The Music is just great, there was even a guest: Matt Heafy of Trivium who came doubling Marc Hudson singing, his grave and powerful voice is perfect with the ultra-fast pace of the song. The melody, rather simple, effect immediately: an adrenaline rush over us. The song is just perfect: impressive solos, great musicians and supers good singers.

I look forward to their new album and see them in concert with Epica in Paris in January.

A little present to the persons who read the chronicle and DragonForce’s fan: