Review 9: Powerwolf, Sanctified With Dynamite

Today my summer favorite: Powerwolf with his song Sanctified With Dynamite.

First, Powerwolf is a German power metal group formed in 2003 by brothers Charles and Matthew Greywolf, which are the guitarists of the group.
The group is composed of a drummer, at present Roel Van Helden, a opera singer, Attila Dorn and in the keyboards: Falk Maria Schlegel. They participated in Hellfest 2014 and have been the surprise of the festival for the french youtubers Mathieu Sommet (in Salut les Geeks) and Seb Grenier (in Joueur du Grenier).

The music begins with a small Latin intro where the band calling Satan and follow a wonderful fast and heavy rhythm.
The music tells the group's desire to join the army of Christ to send demons to hell but gradually were damned overnight.
The result is just epic, you are literally transported in their struggles against the demons.

So I put them, without hesitation, the note of 19/20.