Review 7: Dragonforce, Maximum Overload

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Next the release of Maximum Overload by DragonForce, this is its chronicle:I listened to it three times and I can tell you that I did was not wrong when i said that it would be a slaughter; it is just great !!!

The album starts with The Game, his single, which I did a chronicle nine days ago.

My favorite after The Game is Defenders, which begins with an even faster rhythm, the group serves as choir for Marc Hudson and the result is just perfect.

The soft intro of Symphony of the Night, let us breathe in this album overexcited, but it takes the way of power metal with a faster rhythm, but that's still less than The Game or Defenders.

Ring of Fire, the last song of this album is also simply great with guitar riffs ever faster, a choir bluffing and a Marc just perfect.

Unfortunately, I can't give you a summary of words because there is still no translation and lyrics are almost all nowhere to be found (especially i don't speak english very well).