Review 6: Nightwish, Century Child

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Today a little gentleness in this world of bullies ^^

Century Child is the fourth album of symphonic metal band Nightwish. It was released in 2002 to label Spinefarm Records. This album is marked by the replacement of the former bassist by Marco Hietala.
To me all music is to be remember for their beautiful melodies and just the perfect singing for Tarja and Marco. All titles have a magical and spellbinding side.

End Of All Hope is one of my favorites from this album for its ultra-fast intro and just a perfect singing. The guitar riffs ,rather simple, works great. Epic lyrics are just a magical trip.

Dead To The World is for me the more beautiful title for alternating between symphonic metal and power metal. The song is still perfect, Marco and Tarja sing all the words again and the result is just epic

Well you understood this album is just perfect.