Review 5: Annwn's Gate, Atlas Pain

Hi my little chicken, have I miss you ? No ? Oh, shame.. So we begin with a new chronicle, with a little band called Atlas Pain, with one of their new songs Annwn's Gate ! It's an Epic Symphonic Folk Metal band !

So we begin with a good keyboard line with an epic side, with guitars and drums who hammered the rythm, it make the intro ! We recognized many influences. For me, I hear a bit of Sabaton, Nightwih and Alestorm ! After introduction, comes a fast and precise guitar riff, catch up by drums who hammered before the verse. We can hear a kind of Black Metal voice during the verse. After, comes a kind of complementary riff who comes between the two verses, for fill the void. And the intro riff is used for the chorus, always with this epic side. And after, we have a little instrumental break, slow, where we can hear a voice speaking, with rain sounds and violons. And finally come the gutiars and drums to make EXPLODE ALL !!! Et we finish on two verses and chorus !

To conclude, you should hear this if you feel epic !

(Sorry for my bad english)