Review 11: The Cult, Beyond Good and Evil

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Beyond Good and Evil is the seventh album by the English rock band The Cult, it come from the label Atlantic Records in 2001. Why make a chronicle of a rock album, so we're on a page of metal? Quite simply, this rock album has heavy side and his drummer Matt Sorum returns after being in Guns N'Roses.

The album starts with War (The Process), it starts with a little intro to chain very rock with a melody with heavy riffs and a omnipresent bass. Ian Astbury singing is meanwhile very rock. This first title looks very much the feel of the album very rock influenced by the music of Guns.

Rise, the third song, has influences of psychedelic rock and hard rock, you would recognize some riffs have borrowed later by The Winery Dogs and Shinedown (well this is only my opinion). Otherwise melody form a super hard psychedelic rock with heavy riffs.

American Gothic, liberates a darker atmosphere than all song of this album, but it keeps small heavy sides very appreciably. The very progressive melody is a delight for the ears, the alternating between clear voice and doctor voice is just perfect.

True Believers, the penultimate, is more psychedelic with lighter riffs and more rock than previous ones. This song is for me the real rock, a beautiful melody, beautiful lyrics and a special atmosphere that makes us cling to.

In conclusion, listening to this album if you're a fan of progressive metal or hard rock. So I would put the mark 16/20.