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Hi all, second column this time of Prog Metal with Horizons ,last  Anubis Gate. the Denmark is one of the last bastions of the Metal in the world? certainly yes, while many of our hopes for the genre turns to his Big Sisters Norway and Sweden have to tend to forget this wonderful country that is the Denmark and also groups bore such Pretty Maids and Disneyland After Dark for the heavy, or veterans of the Thrash as Artillery.

Anubis Gate is part of these metal bands to growing reputation in the small world of the Danish prog, like the Royal Hunt, Beyond Twilight and Wuthering Heigh or Phonomik and Third Eye, their reputations to quickly crossed the borders of Europe, and as the group signed e 2010 with the American label Nightmare records led by a legend in the person of singer Lance King (who played in the Danish training like Pyramaze want) after a promising start with Purification and consecration of their first era with the fabulous A Perfect Forever (which will remain for me their best), the departure of singer very heavy (and great) Torben Askholm proved the willingness of the group to dig a little more into the prog in moving away from this mix between heavy and progressive which they had made their trademark.

Under the leadership of their former member Jacob Hansen institution of metal Danish and producer highly renowned in the progressive sphere Group succeeded the son of albums to modernize, develop, especially in the composition and the individual collective renderings of their effort.
.Hansen work it is felt immediately by his approach to the sound, giving the group a sound incredible clarity, both smooth and powerful.

Horizons I'll make it short on change of line-up which views the arrival of Michael Bodin (third eye) and Morten Gade SØRENSEN (wuthering heights) instead of Jesper Møller Jensen and Morten Sorensen (yeah it's called such), this change will not really do feel on this album for the good reason that the music had been composed upon their arrival and she wears the dough of former members , so no major upset on Horizon, it will be seen for the suite.
The Chronicle of this album is quite easy in the sense where I did not necessarily need to find the words to describe the work done the band by Kim Olesen, you need to know to conclude this short introduction that although they are professional musicians, none of the members of the group can meet its needs with the money of the disks in fact each of them has a job, like Kim Olsen who is Professor of piano and guitar, which makes their task even more admirable.
So forgive the delay in the making of the album provided the Group had offered fans three free pieces, twice, and the first track on the album "Destined to Remember" (and they are cool), a piece bewitching to steel riffs that plummet superimposed on the clear and limpid Henrik Fevre voice which is a feat , note also this games battery completely crazy with some kind of trigger Cymbals (focus on it, it's the non-stop), break fades to leave place to a worthy of the most monstrous cover, Anubis Gate strike strong input of games, and what solo!

Anubis Gate is a group to the easily identifiable key this sounds both modern and synthetic (assumed) mixed with a heightened musical sensitivity gives in renderings both surprising and catchy, it is both of the metal but also music that a non initiated little appreciate, the recipe also makes wonder on Never Like This, highly addictive title , or the voice of Henrik Fevre is the beginning of the title to dizzying heights! While the chorus sounds, the effect of this overlapping of angelic voice on chaos organized rhythm explodes as of pop corn in our head, this fabulous contrast and the signature of Anubis Gate, power without violence, you can write it down at any time from the album the voice of Henrik falls, it will remain in an approach absolutely non-aggressive while fluidity of A to Z This feature of Anubis Gate a group atypical in the metal world, both original and tasty the doubles ' Hear My Call / Airways ' are only the beginning and the end of a same story, always in this crystalline register and after a meeting of Dante-esque riff chorus of "Hear my Call" will send you into the stratosphere, the title will be aggregated to an incredible dry guitar break or the group plays with the codes : excellent.
'Airways' when to him rather special construction concludes the story begun in the title above, this is a title both original (with multiple face) and quite versatile in its composition and easy in its approach (I understand), one thing is certain it will not fail to surprise you (the tone is really differ) the rest of the album is still in the same vein , the riffs and the monstrous rhythm of ""Revolution Come Undone"will remind you why the group is into the Metal tray, then that Breach Of Faith both subtle and immediate will be even higher band's music, this pieces embellished with a melody of Mozart (if I'm not mistaken) is once again evidence of the power of the group that developed a metal complex and catchy prog to su. without falling into technical as masturbation through have sometimes seen in Dream Theater. And this post break... great art recovery simply.
It must be said that attention was made to the small details on this cake, and it will require several listens attentive to perceive them, and titles such as 'Breach of Faith' or 'Airways' show new facets to each spin, SIPs of new flavors.

While the Group held with the disturbing "Mindlessness" worked atmospheres that recall "The Detached" one of their previous album, the track title "Horizons" in the plural is a marvel of mid tempo, both colorful and captivating, I find that it y to there a real moment of poetry moving, either the lyrics or the overall ambiance of the title which is are inspired of the pouch (depending on the members) I must say that the renderings approach the perfection.

The album ends with a piece of anthology "A dream within a dream" which contains the lyrics and theme of "Never Like This", it is a kind of bridge between the beginning and the end of the album, this track is the longest ever composed by Anubis Gate, with 14 minutes to the meter in which group will make use of its strengths, the atmosphere well transcribed the theme of the title between dream and reality everything is done here for sticking to the atmospherein this world of illusion and fantasizing Anubis Gate will be lost a bit and we with (at times only).

The album concludes with the 'Erasure' UFO that the group will define "yet." a sound piece skin-deep, which will leave us on a melancholy note and a strange back-taste.

We also rent the fact that the Group has not wanted the image group of prog put us eyeful with demonstrative instrumental passages. purifying his music of the frills and other personal flattery, the Group has kept an effective aspect and authentic, the overall duration of tracks from the album evidenced, between five to six minute no more.

Horizon is without a doubt in the top 3 of the progressive albums of the year, a work major from 2014, while the return of a concept album is rumored for next year.

Notes 4, 5 / 5 the little extra: - details - lyrics - beautiful pouch favorite pieces: Never Like This, Breach of Faith, Horizons EP - Coming Soon on 1/31/2012!, by Tetrafusion