Review 1: Agnostic Front: One Voice

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Today, the chronicle is about the creators of hardcore punk New Yorkers: Agnostic Front with their fourth album: One Voice released in 1992 by Relativity Records. This album is a mix of thrash metal, hardcore punk and crossover. It has 12 tracks but its length is only 35 minutes.

The album starts with the music New Jack which begins with a distant man’s speech, then a music heavy and violent starts: the rhythm of hardcore. The lyrics are like a moral or a violent warning on the dangers of the life in a specific location, probably in the prison where the singer Roger Miret was.

The song One Voice is more hardcore than thrash metal or punk, thanks the choirs and vocals. The rhythm is fast and super aggressive with heavy and fast guitars. The singer tells his state of mind in prison.

Crime Without Sin is for me the best song of this album, not for its blasphemous lyrics, but for its simply and aggressive rhythm . The lyrics are the singer’s confession, which becomes more a blasphemy than a true confession: "Bless me father, for i have sinned. The guidlines for my behavior from above, not Within. They say man is His own hell. Man created in gods image That goes for you as well. "

To conclude Agnostic Front is considered the most dedicated hardcore group despite the ups and downs of the band during his career which lasted, since now, 30 years.